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On that temple on the faraway hills,
wise mountains 

wait in peace,
worn-out staircases ache 

for footfalls,
with that endless supply
of nothingness.

Run away to that temple 
on the faraway hills, 
beyond the,
airwaves, radiowaves,
Leave the busy streets
with chaotic,
stress crammed bodies.
Shrug away those high hopes,
extraordinary expectations,
those aspirations,
guidelines and
drop your pen,
wear your running shoes,
leave your plastic cards and,
plastic smiles
for the faraway hills,

with that endless supply of nothingness.


  1. Kirti,I really liked the write and especially at the moment when am just feeling to live in complete isolation, away from the chaotic life.
    I feel your write should have ended in the first para itself.(i.e. plastic smiles ting-a-ling-a-ling for the faraway hills)
    Reason being I cant relate to the second para..:P..furthermore sumthing for the reader to explore his/her imagination too.(its just my point of view)
    I like the line talking about extra-ordinary expectations because its so true for most of us.We keep too high expectations from ourselves and then feel sorrowful when we cant accomplish them..:).Allrite, I shud stop here.:)
    Oh now you know why I said I need a break.and complete isolation.:)..!!

  2. Whoah!! Thanks Arti. Thats a long comment. :)
    Yeah, even I felt that I should have ended it after the 1st. But I also like the 2nd para so much that I just simply couldnt delete it! Some attachment, I tell you with the mountains ;)

  3. Like I said before I could not relate to mountains and then football is out of question..:)..!!
    Coming back to expectations;extra ordinary know we really expect too much from our for example...i expect myself to become thin..have good hair...have a good job( paying very good sallary) a good very good in drawing w/o practising..:) very good techinically in all the softwares..and I keep hoping this all the time...and a lot thought..that many people must be facing with the same problem....:)...extra ordinary expectations ..:)..!!
    You should write on this too!!! Am sure amny of us feel this way..!!

  4. Lots of good things here:

    worn-out staircases ache
    for footfalls,

    for example.

  5. dynamic words, very elegant composition.

    welcome to JP.

    Happy Potluck.

  6. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    Wow this is really an incredible poem. Loved it

  7. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    Wonderfully written verses...Amazingly superb ...could just relate each and every line...


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