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Here is the Answer!

"Why is there so much pain in your writing? Why are you obsessed with death? What is wrong with you?"
I have been bombarded with these questions for time immemorial from my friends and acquaintances. Some of my very close friends have vowed never to read my stories because of this involvement of death. :)
So, this is a sort of explanation to you all.

I am not a person who lives a sad life or someone who broods and cries all the time. I do have those days when I scream "Why me.."! But, don't we all? And that's all the place of sadness in my life. I have had my shares of "so-called-life-experiences". So, I believe a lot in smiling and laughing. I love laughing loudly (sometimes it scares people away), and I love listening to jokes and seeing funny, mindless movies at times - just for the laughs. I love being happy, and I believe in "finding" my happiness.

But somehow all the pain comes out in my writing. Very rarely do I write something humorous. Very, very rarely! Really rarely. I am fascinated by death. With the fact that we are so vulnerable and always walking the thin line between life and death. I am fascinated at how we are conditioned to always forget this thin line and live as if there is always forever. And how we use religion as the crutch to do so. So, I try finding solving my puzzle through imagination and trying all sorts of permutations and combinations in my stories.

Now the question of pain remains. I can express my pain well through this medium, I write and its out of my system. That's a way of dealing with it. For me.

Disclaimer: this post is only the author's opinion and does not guarantee that you get convinced in the end. And perhaps the writer indeed is a fucked up psychopath! ;)