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Aftereffects of Sedation

The colours faded,
and the peace gone,
an empty echo remains,
a blank space,
where once,
a throbbing town resided.
Aftereffects of sedation,
of busy dreams and quiet screams.
of fake sleep and wakeful slumber.
of visting blank spaces,
where once throbbing places existed.


  1. Wow....I loved this one...!!!muaah..!!

  2. :) Thanks! I think you are the only one who understands my poetry! ;)

  3. this is really nice actually, maybe if you work hard enough you can really write

  4. Thanks Achuthan! I appreciate all the kind words. :P

  5. I love the last line... where once throbbing places existed. This is really lovely, great work. I like poems that are short and to the point.

  6. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    Oh wow this had an amazing impact, really really well done

  7. very profound,
    a few lines, a job well done.

    Happy Rally.
    let us know via commenting after you made 18 comments among your peers.


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