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Thank You

It is an overwhelming feeling. To be able to see my writing in these pages here. To experience that others read and find something that touches their lives. And so I want to express my gratitude. With thanksgiving around the corner, it is an apt time to thank.

I thank the universe for continually inspiring me. For throwing me in situations that make me think. For all the soul-churning experiences that have made me, me. That make me want to write. To explore my limits through these limitless possibilities of words and punctuation.

I thank you, dear reader. For the occasions that you land on this page. With all the sadness these writings hold, you sometimes read, you sometimes comment. And leave me encouraging words.

I thank all people in my life that make me experience life as I do. Writing is a solitary activity. What I write comes just from within. After days of churning my insides with the thoughts and ideas. There are days when I do not want to speak at all. The internal world so full of possibilities that a quiet room with nothing in it proves to be balming. Perhaps hoping that my mind might imitate what I see. And that takes a toll on people around me. So, I thank them all. My parents, my closest friends, my colleagues, my strangers who face the brunt of these internal storms that engulf me from time to time. So ,thank you. For bearing with me. Still loving and caring for me. Because these storms form the basis of what I do write.

I thank all experiences that have come my way. All the tears that I shed which have formed the basis for me to want to write. Some writers have a relation with happiness. They want to share smiles. Some with love. My writing has a relation with pain. I am at my creative best when I am pained. I guess I am too selfish with happy moments. I am too busy enjoying. To laugh. To experience happiness. Too busy to want to write it down. So, I thank these experiences. The pain and the laughter. For without laughter, the world would not be worth living at all.

All this would seem meaningless without the world of google and blogger. This sharing would not be possible at all. To be able to present my thoughts in this blog is a privilege I do not ever forget. Thank you, blogger.