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Now that you are here

There have been days,
moments spent in anticipation
to know this feeling
of seeing you see me
of a growing
sense of self conjuring up
as you look at me.

And now that i have you.
at an arm's distance,
with wondrous eyes searching mine
i do not know what to do.

There are days,
moments spent in abandon,
when romance is just being with you,
knowing you are present,
when in spite of myself,
and my idea of my feminine freedom,
i feel i belong here,
with you, to you.

Then there are days,
when you still look at me,
with those searching,
probing eyes,
and when you see me more than i ever thought myself to be,
when you take my hand,
willing time to slow down,
when you fill my spaces
when there was no yesterday,
no tomorrow,
and the spiritual space of now,
exists right now
only with you.

There are still other times
when i doubt you exist,
when i think that the fairy tales and folk tales 
are to be blamed.
But i slowly drift through time 
towards you.
And you are here
at an arm's distance,
and do i know what to do?

*I was listening to 'Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo..". I heard many variations by various artists. And while I was overwhelmed with the singing, the lyrics stuck in my head. And I thought - what will I write if I wanted to write a romantic piece?
This was one of the trials.


  1. a fun verse,

    love could be a contradiction,
    great wonders.

  2. good luck.

    powerful expression on your occasion of a relation.


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