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words instead

this letter that i hold,
speaks a different language today,
tells many different things,
than what i read years ago.

it emotes some love
which i refused to see,
cause i was looking
for words instead.

listen to me now,
i was looking for a bond too,
a connection, which was
so aptly crafted, captured
in this letter,
when i was looking
for words instead.

at this hour, i sit still,
drowned, overwhelmed,
wanting, to
bring back the time, to
say different things, for
a chance with the past,
to tell you
that the words don’t matter,
when all this while,
i have only, been looking
for you instead.


  1. Muah....ekdam badhiyaan..:)..!! yes indeed was a good break from work..:)..!!


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