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no thankyous, no apologies

They are all there on my chat list,
the first one, the last one
'Travelling' reads the status message of one,
'do not disturb' says another,
and I contemplate,
those who say ex-lovers
can be good friends,
were never one or another,
or maybe they simply don’t
love anymore.

But then, what is
love, but all the things
you never thought
possible of yourself?
the things you thought
you’d never say,
the highs you’d fly,
the lows you’d reach,
the depths your character would stoop?

Should I say,
‘How are you doing?’
‘whats up?’
Or maybe I should just shut up?
Negating all the
mundane things to say,
of stayin’in touch,
of socializing,
of sharing pictures
and geographical locations,
to leave the past where it belongs,
with no thankyous, no apologies,
no forward, no rewind,
only a memory of a place
where you and I met,
while in transit
through the various
planes of the
metaphysical realm.


  1. Should I say,
    ‘How are you doing?’
    ‘whats up?’
    Or maybe I should just shut up?

    I can very well relate to these lines.:)
    Like the first and second para more.In the last para I felt little lost as what you really want to convey(or perhaps I dint understand..:)...).To me it dint kick in the end like your other writes.:).
    But all in all nice write.
    Keep penning .

  2. Very very contemporary ! I liked it.


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