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Dont fill in the silence

let us sit and stare
at the wall in front of us.
Don't tell me the
two-minute conversation with
that distant cousin's
second cousin.
Don't tell me about the brave fight
on the fare with the autowalla.

Let us just sit for once,
and stare at the blank wall.
don't fill in the silence
or the space in-between.
Let us simply sit and
watch our baby's breathing
as she dreams
in peace.
And then let us think, in silence,
of the times
when we would speak.


  1. Is this in any way influenced by the time you spent with the baby yesterday :)

  2. Hahahaha... No maan. I wouldnt want silence with Mantagi! :)

  3. Nice one. I like the idea and the flow. I am however, not too happy with second para though. It acts like a diversion here for some reason.
    Also, reminded me of the 'comfortable silence' scene from the film 'Pulp Fiction' :)

  4. Dear Kirti,
    Infact I just loved the second para most and like I told you I think it should have been the concluding para.
    Words don't do as much value
    as we were taught,
    rarely they give the
    wisdom we seek....waah..!!waah...!!:):)These line sreach the sky...!!
    Keep penning..:)..!!

  5. Hahahaha...
    Thankyou both for analysing it :) Really appreciate that.
    I think both your points say that the second para doesnt fit in the entire thing. I think I will take the second para and write another post. :)


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