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About Ayodhya

Yes, this is about Ayodhya. Until the 30th, I didnt even follow the news. The only thing that merely affected me was my autowalla telling me that Autorickshaw's are going to be off the streets after 3pm.
So, left office early (btw, my office didnt declare it as a half-day!). Reached home in record time and then switched on the news for the first time in months.What unfolded in front of me left me with shame and disgust. Which is reciprocated by many others.
At night, after "Ram Lalla" was "given" 1/3rd of the disputed land in Ayodhaya, perhaps, showed his anger through the heavy lightening and rains. 

What I feel has been aptly worded by Siddharth Varadarajan in The Hindu.
Read it here.