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The morning news

The morning news,
News at 10,
Newsreaders read of blood
spread across many arms
and eyes.
Like fish in water,
eating each other
in this sea of time.
Were we like this all along?
From Darwin's theory of the fittest to survive
to the wars which killed millions galore
sowing revenge
for the future
 near or far.
Is it difficult to digest now?
Why can't we live when someone else is orphaned?
Why do we carry their bruises?
Why do we nurse them more?
Why does it stun us when someone kills reasons his own?
Reasons we don't comprehend.
Can we justify any killings?
Even the ones in the name of
laws created by us alone?
Even the ones which have reasons in our eyes?
Yet, we can still carry on.
Not to stop for any.

Yet, somewhere in the midst of the thickest forest,
Somewhere in a temple on a high mountain, in a monastery
prayers are offered and Gods are called,
for peace and silence and children and rains
for floods to subside,
for people to find the threads of their lives
after storms and quakes
And somewhere else still
A car is blown shattering the roof, bloodying walls,
Polka dots on a face of a stranger.
And yet still
We carry on…