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At a Loss

A laptop is lost.
In the train.
Mumbai’s Local train.
During the rush hour.
All factors compounding the outcome - the loss of the laptop. Panic.
Run to the police station. Run to the Railway Police. Write an FIR. File a complaint. Maska marofy the constable. Watch him make calls to various police stations. See him nod and shake his head. And hear him sigh.
“What are the chances?” I ask.
He shakes his head. “Cant say”
“Has someone ever found their laptop before?”
He looks at me for a second and then looks away disinterestedly. “No Madam. We havent found any till date. I wont lie to you.”

Thank you for being honest Mister Policeman. But I didnt want honesty. I wanted reassurance. Something which can calm my nerves. Something which a policeman should do. And find my laptop too.

But he does not. He is not interested in calming my nerves. It is 8:30pm. Perhaps he is wondering what is in his tiffin. Or when can he have his dinner. Or when can he go home.
The least he is thinking of is my laptop.
But I dont want to believe that he is not interested in helping me. I want to believe that he is a ginie who can somehow make my laptop reappear. Who can be a hero.

I look at him with hopeful eyes.
“Madam, you will get it back if someone with a good conscience finds it and looks for you”, he says.
“What if someone has given it to the police. Nowadays when everyone is worried about bombs, maybe someone has brought it to the attention of the police?”

You can find it. You can. Please try mister. Please do try. Please do.

“Maybe Madam. Maybe, if a policeman found the laptop and he returns it with all honesty."

This is a scene from the hindi movie. A dishonest policeman showing a helpless girl that the entire police-force has gone to the dogs.

I laugh sarcastically, "You mean you are saying that if my laptop goes into the hands of the Police, I will be doubting the conscience of the many police hands who are to handle the laptop? I'd rather someone takes it then. So, I will be counting on that one person's conscience rather than the entire police-force's!"
So, I let out a hindi-movie-type dialogue. A long one that too.

Thank you Mister Policeman for reinforcing my trust in the enforcers of law, in the detectors of crime. Thank you Mister Policeman. I shall be eternally obliged.

I walk out of the Police station. Hoping someone took my laptop. Counting on the person's conscience...

Hey there Mister, please find my laptop for me please. Please try. Please do...


  1. I hope that ur laptop is with some police man, rather than with any other ordinary person. At least it's safe with Policeman, as he knows a sh*t about laptops... :)

    Wish u get it soon.


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