27 May, 2015

Caterpillar Experience

This is about the Narmada Parikrama. This is also about the several other journeys, people and another short parikrama. It has been two months since I returned from the two month long parikrama. When I think about it, I am at a loss of words to explain it. How can you explain this sights and senses and feelings that you are swept with during such a massive experience? But I will attempt because it has changed my life and has given me wings and was like drops of water on parched lips. The thirst has not been quenched, but it has left a taste of water. It is a more difficult place to be tortured by just drops after being toasted in the heat. I stood at his room door, unsure if I should step inside, he being a sanyasi and I being a young girl. But he called me inside. Another doubt of my safety crossed my mind, but I entered. He gave me his not working number lock in exchange of the one I gave him. I bent down to touch his feet. He blessed me and said something which has never left me. He said, 'meri saari tapasya ka phal tumhe mil jaye'. I was dumb founded. He was an old man in the 70s and had left his home and desires to seek god. He lived and worked hard in the hard world of the sanyasi. And here he was, giving away the fruits of his tapasya to a girl he had seen for a day. He went on to say, 'itni kam umar main, Geeta main itni roochee maine nahin,dekhi. Tumhara kaam jaari rakkho.'

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