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It's they who die...

A long time ago,
a little girl in a car 
looked out of the window
at the dark sea
the mellow stars in the night sky.
while he sang in the background
a strong baritone
that crooned in her ears.
haunting her days,
during history and Math,
PT and Arabic. 
while she learned from him,
the story of pain,
and of the open-eyed

But, once in a few years,
comes a year,
when many people die,
when livers are eaten and
brains bleed.
People you have known,
people you have heard about,
famous people,
unfamous people.
taking their innovations and
their genius with them,
Leaving behind
the carcasses, and
a void in our lives.

Now he is gone.
With him her music,
his lyrics that she sang
in solitary nights, but
she still dreams, looking
at the stars,
and now writes stories
of pain.


  1. painful loss, beautiful thoughts.


  2. Raw. Beautifully written.

  3. This is beautifully written. I can relate to your loss, but then some legends never die :)

  4. what a lovely tribute. Loved reading your poem. would be back to read more ... all the best.

  5. very moving Kirti very touching :-)

  6. amazing writing.

    so long, hope all is well.
    welcome join poets rally today with a free verse, cheers.


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