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Whats wrong?

Is it the intimacy, the dependence,
the duality of existence,
the doubling of things.
Is it the fear of not
finding the unconditional
love preached by
the damn fairy tales or
the fear of being loved,
for love alone.

Whats wrong?
They (damn them) say,
the grayed uncles and
the wrinkled grandmothers,
This is no way to be,
to be sol, alone, solitary.
What will life be,
when the youth will be gone,
the independence will be
physically taken away,
And one fine day,
You will be lying on the floor,
with a broken backbone
and nobody to clean
the mess, the
rotting of life.

Whats wrong
in living in fairy tales that
have acquired new definitions,
when there is no need to
‘settle down’ and settle
for whats available
just for a reason to live
another day, for another life,
to fight the fear of
being alone.
without the quest of a