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Clockwork gone haywire

The twisted way this world works.
Where artists are talented, and art becomes latent.
Where we are all still men, and the women are called feminists.
The contradictions that stare at us.
Where we borrow beauty from art, and art borrows from the mundane.
The sarcasms we face.
When laughter applauds pain, and defeats are a stepping stone.
Yes, this twisted way this world works, like clockwork gone haywire.
Where we find reasons to live, and fear grips us when our freedoms are threatened.
When we hate terrorists, lock the world outside.
and are frisked for weapons of mass destruction.

Oh, yes, the twisted way the world works,
Like clockwork gone haywire,
Like walking on the zebra crossing on a zebra’s hide.
The contradictions that stare at us,
The sarcasms that we face,
Clockwork gone haywire.