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at fifteen past two

It was 2am.
she stood at the window,
with a cigarette between her lips,
in Life’s face.
Listen you, she said
'I am not quitting yet'

With the first puff -
there was a light-headed freedom,
and a certain tingling in her nerves

The second puff -
the world moved in a
motionless animation,
the leaves swayed
minus the breeze

Third puff -
the sky exploded above her head,
the tall buiding far away,
threatened to walk her way.
'I am not quitting yet'

There was darkness,
with the fourth puff,
smoke in her lungs,
nostrils and
clouds in her head,
her ears rang,
with magnifying sounds.

It was ten past two,
she hung on the window,
her hair in the wind,
hands dangled lit
by the streetlights.
The in-between
of life and death.


  1. This is super stuff Kirti. This is a page from a diary where a teenager experiences something new and feels proud about it next day :)It's just that she wouldn't share it with many ...

  2. Was a very nice read.Thanks for sharing..:)...!!

  3. and after that nice poem on sedation the crappy one follows. instead of the babe in the poem i feel like putting my head out of the window and dangling it in the hope some blood goes in and mixes with the pollution and revives me

  4. :) whats the use of only all the good things, if there arent crappy once to grant them that privilege?


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