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Stupidly stuck with you

The day was like any other day,
I was working
typing at my computer
cursing its stupidity
Thinking of you.

Wind gushes,
the white sheets flutter
a moment in time
something within myself
is alive through you
I feel dissolved
the constant motion of cars
buildings douse in the
summer afternoon sleep

I watch your un-even breathing
I smell your skin
your touch magnifying
somewhere deep within
and the screams of
the cars evaporate.

After centuries,
and eons, births of suns
and deaths of stars,
I re-think of you,
the loss of you
something missing,
something missed.

Past that corner,
I see her with you
I see you smile with her
and I am still
stuck with you,
just stuck with you,
Simply stuck with you.


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  2. This is about whom?Very the part when you say the car sound evaporates...:)..!!


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