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The make of Identities

It's a Saturday evening. I am waiting to chill. To sit back and enjoy as I see fit. To unwind, to laugh.
It has been a tough week. Parents have been unkind in some ways. In ways they do not even understand. Yet the hurt is caused. The damage done. And I am left to pick up pieces of my hurt and think of ways in which I wouldn't hurt myself further. To constructively live life.

The eternal questions of life and husband and marriage still hound from many quarters. The stamps which society tries to put on me still chases me from unknown places. And I chase my dream. I dream of a sunshine yellow Nano. SunshineYellowNano!

That is all of the rubbish which is blocking some thoughtprovoking ideas. Some eternal questions to answer. To make some sense of this nonsense life.

Ayn Rand still exists. Not so much as her ideologies. But as some thought of being free. Some thought of coming open from all shackles. Of de-shackling.
Philosophy comes out alive as I am shut my eyes, or as I have to do some important work atwork. And it remains unexplored.

I also think of a story. A story which is brewing inside of me. A story to unravel inside of me as I unravel myself.


  1. You look lost when the write-up starts but it ends with a hope and clarity.
    Well written:)!infact very well written.At the speed of thought!


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