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And the new year awaits

Another year has gone. Another number added to the date. Another batch of celebrations and forceful enjoyments. Another year of 'happy new year' calls. Another year of the compulsion of forwarding greetings and messages to faces you don't remember the whole year through.
Another feather in the cap of terrorism
Another year of climate change talks
the climate of which doesn't change.
Another year before another countdown begins.

Will we see a celebration.
Not because the date is changing
Not because programmed minds and programmed hands wish and clap and eat and drink and slosh in the anticipation that the next year doesn't bring the same things that the last year has.

These dates which come asking for smiling faces and rejoicing minds.
The dates which are like any other, but dates which ask you of the change in you
The dates which ask the additions and the subtractions that you have made to yourself
Not just people or wealth or career growth or how many people know you or
how frequent is your name on google search.