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Conversations of the mind

Idle mind in search of answers,
Idle mind with the time to ponder
and wonder
Idle mind to capture time
Idle mind to keep it still.

And the new red hues. What do you think of the new red hues? I think it adds some life, colour to the black and white world of Disquiet. It adds a fiery sense to the world of words.

This mind, though is not idle. There are unsaved conversations about ethics, democracy, frauds, changing light bulbs, relationships and a few swears at the rickshawwallas and taxiwallas. Slowly these random conversations are taking shape of a single opinion. A single opinion on life, on God, on things beyond our control. Like money, fame, satisfaction, contentment. Perhaps the mind is maturing, with many summers to grey a few hair on the scalp, to keep a wrinkle permanent near the eyes. As if with every year that you pass, you travel away from this earth which gave birth to you, you travel up towards the sky and slowly as you gain objectivity. The different and diverse pieces of the puzzle of life begin to make sense. Some pieces merge together, some significant pieces become insignificant as the objectivity increases. And somwhere in the midst of all this figuring out, you begin a conversation with yourself, your soul. This is when you find all your answers. This is when all your questions become null and void.

What matters in the end is still a question.
Does it matter to keep your people happy?
Does it matter to keep yourself happy?
Does it really matter that you get any fame?
Does it really matter that you save a million lives?
What matters in the end is still a question.


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    I think what matters in the end is how much of an 'I' is present in the things you do. Only then, you will live a satisfied life without asking questions and looking for answers. :-)


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