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I feel disheartened,
let down,
as I watch this
political game unfold.
Do they really think
I am dumb
or blind?
Do they think
resignations are a solution?
I want to scream:
take responsibility of what happened
promise and work for

I travelled in the city today,
as many others
Each and every face was shadowed with fear
and apprehension.
Eyes were widened at every person carrying a rucksack
No security at the stations,
three days after the massacre

The security at the entrance of a building checks my bag
not knowing what to look-out for.
While my peace is far away,
news channels are busy
locating Dawood and
they aide in sacking a few ministers.
Do they have the agenda for change right?
Should the change begin from killing Dawood
Should we look at our security?

Perhaps, I feel so strongly
because I bore the brunt of the attack this time
I watched horrified as my familiar places turned into a battleground.

Perhaps I feel so strongly because
my city is under attack this time.

Perhaps I feel strongly because I can feel
the stress in
the chilly air of Mumbai.

The same me,
doesn’t condemn the attacks in the North East.
The same me,
just reads the headlines about the Malegaon blasts.
The same me,
laughs and sleeps while Kashmir is burning for decades.
The same me,
shakes my head when I am ashamed of my politicians:
nahi badlenge!

I feel ashamed to be a part of this
spine-less mass
which cannot come together
to fight for our own freedom.
And, I wish the Mahatma was alive today.