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In the terrorized mind

Terror has struck again. Again the lives of millions are affected; hatred spread and images that will continue to haunt our memories. Melodramatic news channels report fictionalised news to attract more viewers, without considering the impact their melodrama will have on the person with no connection to the outside world except the television. They are doing what they do best: minding the business of people's lives. Inappropriate, insensitive.

This is the ‘n’th time that I see these images. That I sit holed up in my house when others decide my fate. I am not one of the hostages stuck in the hotels. But I am the hostage of terror. I locked my door twice yesterday, got up to check the locks on the middle of the night, and prayed to my God that everything will be fine in the end.

Then, as a citizen I witness the power game and the politics of people running my country: I hear undue remarks on religion. And even if I don’t believe in making religion the reaso (because I believe that will make me one of the very fanatics who I abhor) some part of me still looks precariously at the man with a longer beard and kaftaan.

As a citizen, my anger doesn’t limit to the rulers of my country alone. It goes to the supposed super power - The United States of America - and their power play which has been on for decades. My anger is towards the hatred they sowed in these very Muslim regions where today they 'fight' terror, the soldiers they bred for their power-gains, their 'fight against terrorism' which has killed millions over the years against the thousands killed in the towers.

But who is counting numbers. Numbers are not what matters. People are what matters. What matters is that people are dying everyday because of this unknown face of terror.
All over the world.

When there are still countries and cities which do not have the basic necessities in place - housing, electricity, medical supplies - it looks like a child's whim to fight on religion. For it or against it, for fighting against it will create more martyrs and soldiers to fight for it. This is a viscous circle my friend.

And, Obama sends 20,000 more troops in Iraq.


  1. Very True.....
    completely agree with you.

    Aditya Porwal

  2. brilliant article. please send it to the newspapers.the people need to read some intelligent columns.i think you should write a column for the times of india on a regular basis.think about's a talent you should not waste.Varsha


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