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And I resign...

Dear Sir,
It is a sad day today, as I am going to talk about leaving.
About closing one chapter and turning a new leaf
of leaving and searching for a new beginning.

I know you don't take people leaving well.
Maybe you will feel I am ditching you
as you thought some others have
Perhaps you feel there is no justifiable reason for people leaving
However, I have no choice but to bid adieu.
I have no choice but to satiate my dreams
which change every changing day,
And I believe I can realise those dreams.
So, I do bid adieu.
I have come to know of you as a person I admire in many ways.
I long to be passionate about my work as you are of yours.
I long to own something so completely
that I want to even work when I am not working
I have also come to know and understand myself better,
I have come to be honest to myself at whatever cost
The very reason that brought me here.
But, now I feel I am stagnating.
It was great working with you,
Though there were times I wanted to scream and shout,
Times when I couldn’t see you acting unfairly,
Times I came up to you and told you my thoughts,
Times you heard me patiently and
Let the feeling of disregard grow in me.
You kept quiet Sir,
While I spoke my heart out.
It was, in the end,
Your organisation.
With a sigh, I leave the grievances in the past where they belong
and I take a step in the future.
I wish you do not think of me as a ditcher.
I wish you keep a place for me as a part of your dream,
as you already have a place in mine.


  1. is this just a poem or are you moving on?


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