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Making your simple lives complicated with nothing...

What do u wait for everyday? Everyday you open the inbox expecting some new mail. Who is going to mail you? Who do u expect? No one is going to mail you. The replies you get are merely that – replies. A mail because you sent. Something that is conditional. If you do, so do I. And if you fail to do, I care less.
Everything in this world is conditional. Everything with a price tag to it. Everything because of something. Why do you want something unconditional? Why do you desire it? Why can’t you live like everybody else? Maybe they stifle these desires too. Who knows? Who knows what they want? Who knows why these wants are there? Who knows why you are reading this? Why am I writing this? Why are you intrigued? Why do you want to read the end? Is it because somewhere what I say strikes a chord inside you? Something I ask, you wish you had asked. And that you would have found the answer too? Or is it because I am telling you to read? And then long after you finish reading this, your mind will mull over what I am saying. That it is so complicated and hence so in-accessible and hence more attractive and you want to understand it. On the contrary, what I am saying is just so plain simple. Devoid of all the complications. Devoid of your brains to be used and mine to be accessed. It's just that. Plain simple. Simple things you forget. Complicated you want to remember. Because you love complications. You love to read more into things wherein nothing lies. Really nothing. Just like us. Nothing. Except some darkness within us which a light tries to drown. And fails. And fails.
So after reading all this crap which you might think as just that. Crap. You want to kill me. For making your simple lives complicated with nothing.