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Hey there You

Hey there,
I want to talk,
And someone to listen to
with undivided attention,
some human touch with some compassion.
I know I am always wrong,
And I maybe leading towards self-destruction
but I still have a story to tell
Do you have the secret of my peace?
Hey there,
yes you,
Will you just listen to me please?
I have lots to say...
I sure do.


  1. My dear Kirti,
    awesome blog. Thats your thing :-)
    Sure you have lots to say...pls do so with more of these lovely poems.
    Big hug

  2. helo.
    i accidentally saw your blog.
    I just wanted to say that your poems are good.
    I like your poems and the way you write your blog. :)
    Anyway, i'm just a "passer-by". lol
    Just feel like dropping you a comment to give some compliments to you.


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